Listening and developing your ideas into a clear plan results in the expected product you imagined. Offering design collaboration, detailed drafting of architectural plans and providing finish samples for your approval always precedes the quality manufacturing of your custom cabinetry and furniture.


Although every project we undertake has unique design details and requirements, each one follows the same basic course to ensure client satisfaction:


     An extensive consultation with the architect, designer, dealer, suppliers and other client representatives to define the scope of the project,

       estimate costs, and work out delivery schedules

     Drafting and engineering to convert architectural drawings into detailed shop drawings

     Fabrication in our millwork shop

     Finishing with high-quality materials in our shop following receipt of approved finish samples

     Expert on-site installation



Baye Interiors creates very high quality, professional drawings using AutoCAD 2008. We provide elevations, plans, sections, and, if needed, isometric views so you can have a clear vision of your final product. Baye consistently receives accolades for the quality of our shop drawings. Once we have received your Purchase Order, there is no charge for engineering and drawings.


CNC Technology

Baye blends old-world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Once AutoCAD drawings are approved, Baye utilizes the geometry and layout to program parts on our state-of-the-art KOMO CNC router. These parts are held to stringent tolerances.


Templates and Patterns

Baye can provide hard or soft templates for your freestanding or built-in projects. Our templates are manufactured on our CNC router using the geometry directly from the approved AutoCAD shop drawings. Templates can be an invaluable tool on the job sites, providing a footprint of our fixture, as well as locating die walls, electrical locations, phones/security, flooring transitions and many other requirements that help to facilitate a successful installation.


Detailed Field Measurements and Site Visits

Baye provides site visits and field measuring services. This allows us to troubleshoot and identify any special needs for the specific job site. Accurate field dimensions are a critical part of a successful project.


Design Collaboration / Design-Build

Baye Interiors offers the architectural and design community the ability to custom design product to meet specific needs. We can assist with space planning, tenant improvement projects, new construction, furniture and fixture selection, product design and value engineer products to meet budgetary requirements.


Expert Installation

Our expert installation crews are highly skilled, experienced carpenters that will install any of our custom built components and work with your subcontractors to get your project completed on time and with minimal interruptions.


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